Apple will no longer be supplying the version of Java on your Mac.  The last version supplied by Apple is Java 6 update 37.  There could be additional updates of version 6 for now.  The newest Java version is 7 update 9 at the time of this writing and is only supplied by Oracle at the Java web site.  If you in-inadvertently install Java 7 during a software update process you will no longer be able to use the Chrome web browser for your grade book and any other functions that require Java. This is because the Chrome browser on the Mac is a 32bit browser and Java 7 only works on 64bit browsers.  If you upgrade your Java to version 7 then you will have to use Firefox or Safari for all of your Java-based activities.  I have written to Google to see if there is a 64bit version of the Chrome web browser on the horizon.

If you accidently upgrade your version of Java to 7 and would like to undo it there are instructions here.  They may seem intimidating but actually it is easy with cut and paste.

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