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How to Get to Internet Sites outside of the school realm.

Please read this carefully and fully before asking questions.

Previously I emailed everyone informing you all about the new authenticating measures needed to get to the Internet.  From now on everyone will be required to authenticate in order to get to Internet sites outside of the school realm.  You will be able to get to your files, email, calendars and many other specific sites without having to authenticate, however going to Internet sites outside of the predetermined school realm of web sites will require everyone to log in.  This is being done for greater management over personal devices.

The school realm of web sites is an expanding list of kid safe, informational or production web sites.  These sites are entered into a special list in the web filter and when accessed they bypass the login process.

Logon and Passwords

All Staff network accounts are in the form of  First-Initial+Lastname and Student accounts are Grad-year+First-Initial+Lastname.

When you access an Internet site not defined within the school realm you will receive a Login window like the one shown here.
You will need to use your Network Account and Password to successfully log in.  If you log onto a thin client regularly then this is the same network account to use,  it is not your email address.

To get the default password for many users who do not normally access the network please click here.  You will need to use your Google account to view this page.  Your Google account is your email account and password.
  • Once you are authenticated, your session is good for six hours before having to re-authenticate.  
  • There is an inactivity timer of 15 minutes.
  • There is a 5 minute disconnected user detection.

It is very important that you disable your browser's popup blocker.

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