I will be enabling a new network security feature on Wednesday June 29th that will require everyone to authenticate when accessing websites outside of the school realm.  The school realm of websites are a select group of safe and necessary websites determined in-house.  You can see the list below.  Additional sites can be added to the school realm but only if they are for productivity.  The intention of the school realm of websites is to allow those who are on these Internet systems all day - for their convenience to not have to authenticate every hour.  For example the office staff can access Infinite Campus or Skyward where they work all day, so they will not need to authenticate to get to those sites.

Any attempt to access a web site outside of the school realm will require all users to authenticate, this way all web traffic can be logged by user and by device for 30 days.  Once authenticated, the system will know if you are a staff member or student and there will be different levels of web filtering (once I have configured it).

This method is necessary in order to be able to fully manage who is able to access the Internet.  With student owned devices there was no way to fully disallow a student from accessing the Internet when he or she had lost privileges. 

When you are prompted to authenticate you will use your regular Network Account and Password you use to log onto your thin clients.  This will affect all users and students on both campuses. 

All student accounts will be re-created this summer with a new shorter version going from Kindergarten to 12th grade. 

The school realm of websites is a growing list.  Here are the basic sites that are in the list:

School Realm of Websites

School Website - csdk12.net
All of Google Apps (Docs, Gmail, Calendar, etc.)
Infinite Campus
Accelerated Reader
Star Reading
All Wisconsin school websites that are wi.us

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