We will be having weekly Monday "nibble" sessions to answer technology questions the staff may have.  They will run from 3:45 - 4:15 in the high school library thin client lab.  People attending should bring their laptops or you may log onto the thin clients. 

Sessions will cover topics you have requested using the form linked below.  There are a variety of topics already defined in Basic and  Advanced lists.  Based on the responses we will determine what the following weeks topic will be.  It is suggested you visit the topics form on a regular basis to aid us in choosing topics that interest you.  There is also a free form "Other" topic field where you can enter a topic that is not in the list.   Click the link below to go to the live topic form.  Also the URL for the form is:  http://bit.ly/s6Ezhv if you wish to bookmark it on your iGoogle Portal Page.

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