All Windows-based laptops are frozen in a preconfigured setup using the Deep-freeze software program.  In order to make any permanent changes to your system such as settings changes or to install software you will need to thaw your computer first.  Follow the steps below to thaw the computer:
  • In the system tray (lower right corner) find a small icon of a polar bear.  
  • Hold down the shift key and double click the polar bear icon.
  • A login window appears.  The account name is Admin.
  • The password can be found here.
  • Once you login a control panel appears.
  • In the list of choices select the middle choice to thaw the computer one time.
  • Apply and Reboot the system.

After the computer restarts, check the polar bear icon.  It should now have a red X over the top of it.  This means the computer is thawed.  You may now make permanent changes to the system.  When finished, restart the computer and check the polar bear to make sure there is no red X.  The system is re-frozen.

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