An iGoogle Portal Page is a great way to present all of your important information in a single place.  The iGoogle Portal is very simple to setup and can be used to show your email messages, your Google documents, your calendar, the school's facilities calendar, school activities schedule, news, sports and weather and many other elements of information important to you.

It does not take long to set up an iGoogle Portal Page but I can assist you in getting started quickly.  Just right click this link and choose Save Link as...  to download a settings file to your computer desktop or downloads folder.

Then, open your web browser and go to  In the center of the page find the See Your Page button and click it, then In the upper right corner of the portal page, click the sign in link and enter your Google account and password (email address and password).   Once logged in, click the small gear next to your account name and in the menu select iGoogle Settings. 
On the iGoogle Portal Settings page, scroll to the bottom of the page and find the Export / Import section.  Click on the Choose File button or Browse button and browse to the settings file you downloaded earlier.  Once you have properly selected the settings file it will display next to the upload button.  Click the Upload button.  After a moment, refresh your browser or reenter in the address bar.  If necessary you might just need to quit your browser and start it up again.  If you are not already logged into your iGoogle portal then just reenter your account.  You should now have a nicely formatted iGoogle Portal Page.

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