It is a very rainy day so I am working on getting the district forms in electronic format.  I was sent a form for an Application for Approval of Credits and I have built it into an electronic fill-in form, however I still have some work to do on it.  It is not a straight forward type of form.  

FormLizard is the solution I am using. I can start with any form that is editable in a word processor.  Then I easily add form field names using square brackets like this [[ ]] where you would normally write in answers to the form questions.  For example [[first_name]].  I enter these on the document in the spaces on the form.  Once I have entered a field name for each question on the form then the document is ready for upload.

I Then upload the form in RTF format to FormLizard.  It parses the document and picks out the field names I entered.  Next I define all of the form fields as to their data type and enter in help text etc.  Once finished with defining all of the fields the next phase is building the electronic questionnaire.

The way FormLizard   works is the user goes to the site and sees all the available Interviews, that is what they call the process of filing out a form.  I convert the form into an interview.  The reason it does this is because in many instances filling out forms is a multi-form process.  I could create an online student registration that not only fills out the registration form but also a medical card and any other forms that go along with registering a new student.

So my next step is to create the interview process.  In the case of the Application for Credit Approval that form has multiple sections, you fill out the top half if you have already completed the course work and got the credits and the bottom half if you are about to start the courses.  So I broke the interview up into the parts, part one is your name and date and that part is mandatory, then you can pick the section to fill out.
Like I said I have work to do on it yet.

FormLizard is built into out Google Apps.  So on the More . . . menu at the top of any Google Apps page you will see FormLizard and it will automatically log you in using your Google Apps account.  Or you can go directly to our site at and sign in with your Google Apps account which by the way is also your email address.