Here are instructions for creating a white list of approved senders in your Postini Spam Filter.  If you follow these instructions you will no longer have specific emails stuck in the filter unless the message contains a virus.

Open a web browser - e.g. Firefox and go to login.postini.com
Log in to Postini using your email address and password.
In the upper right corner locate and click "My Settings".

In the Junk Settings section of the My Settings window, click on "Approve Senders"

To approve a single email address use the left most box called "Approved Senders".  Just click to create a new line of text and enter the email address of the user, for example joe@somewhere.com.

To approve an entire domain of users like Cesa12 then use the "Approved Domains" box.  Just click to create a new line of text and enter just the domain such as cesa12.k12.wi.us.  No slashes no www nothing but the domain.

To approve a mailing list such as everyone@csdk12.net use the "Approved Mailing Lists" box.

Be sure to click the Update. . . button under the box where you have made changes.

Email Security Changes

Currently, downloading executable files from the Internet is blocked and requires that I turn off a filter in order for anyone to download such files.  This has greatly improved overall security of the network since this was implemented last year.  However, executable files or infected image files can be sent via email by someone or received in a spam message packaged as a malware file directly to your mailbox.

I have made the following changes to email security.  Executable files and images are now blocked from going directly to your mailbox. Instead they will go directly to your Postini Message Center Spam folder.  If you are expecting to receive an image from someone or an executable file, you will need to log in to your Postini Message Center to have it delivered to your mailbox.  You just go to login.postini.com and log in with your email address and password.  Look in your spam messages for the one with the file and click the deliver link next to the message.  The email and attachment will then be delivered to your mailbox for downloading.

I have also increased the file size of attachments that you can receive from 25Megs to 75Megs.  This should help when receiving large files such as PowerPoint files or large images.
System Threats
Executables                                    User Quarantine   - Changed
Compressed Files    
Encrypted                                       User Quarantine   - Changed   
Unencrypted                                 User Quarantine   - Changed Productivity

Office Documents                        Ignore
Multimedia                                    Ignore
Music and Sound                         Ignore
Images                                             User Quarantine    - Changed