SyncDocs is the ultimate way for you to move to the Cloud while at the same time using your favorite document editor like Word or Open Office.  

Once installed on your Windows PC SyncDocs will keep any folder you choose in full sync with your Google Docs.  The installer creates a desktop folder called "My google Docs" by default and once installed all of your Google Docs will appear in this folder.  You can drag and drop any files or folders you want synchronized to your Google Docs right into this folder and they will be synced up to your Google docs account.

But it gets better.  Open Word and and create a document, save it to your SyncDocs folder you have chosen to be in sync with your Google Docs and the file will immediately be synced to your Google Docs account in Google Docs format.  Now open a browser and go to your Google Docs account online.  Open the document you just created with Word and edit it online using Google docs.  When you are done editing Google Docs will automatically save the file.  SyncDocs on your PC will resync the edited document back to your PC with the changes you made online.  Re-open the file in Word and you will see your changes.  SyncDocs automatically converts the file formats for you so your file is still a native Word doc on your PC but a Google doc when you are online.

One thing worth noting.  The synchronization only works from your PC, your Google docs account does not do any synchronizing.

Watch this short informative video showing how SyncDocs works.