Note: This will only work while you are on the school network and on a school owned computer that is associated with the CSDPrivate wireless network or wired with a LAN connection.

Click here to reset your network password. or enter http://server-1/changepassword

This utility will allow you to change your network password that you need in order to log on to the Internet.  You must know your current password in order to use this utility.  If you have forgotten your network password you will need to see one of the network authorized administrators to have them reset your password for you.

PROBLEM:  When using your Chrome browser and you attempt to log on to the Internet, a window opens and attempts to download a Cabinet file called "authrootst", or when using Internet Explorer or Firefox the logon attempt also tries to download a file rather than log you on.  

Solution: Turn off the PopUp blocker on the browser.  In Chrome click on the Wrench icon in the upper right corner and select "Options" in the menu.
Select "Under the Hood" on the left column.  Click the "Content Settings..." button at the top of the page.  Scroll down to Pop-ups and select "Allow all sites to show pop-ups".
Close the Options tab at the top of the screen.  Log back onto the Internet.

For other browsers click here to see how to disable the Pop-up blocker.

Problem:  When attempting to lg onto the Internet you receive a Certificate Error.  Click here for instructions on handling this error.
Login window
How to Get to Internet Sites outside of the school realm.

Please read this carefully and fully before asking questions.

Previously I emailed everyone informing you all about the new authenticating measures needed to get to the Internet.  From now on everyone will be required to authenticate in order to get to Internet sites outside of the school realm.  You will be able to get to your files, email, calendars and many other specific sites without having to authenticate, however going to Internet sites outside of the predetermined school realm of web sites will require everyone to log in.  This is being done for greater management over personal devices.

The school realm of web sites is an expanding list of kid safe, informational or production web sites.  These sites are entered into a special list in the web filter and when accessed they bypass the login process.

Logon and Passwords

All Staff network accounts are in the form of  First-Initial+Lastname and Student accounts are Grad-year+First-Initial+Lastname.

When you access an Internet site not defined within the school realm you will receive a Login window like the one shown here.
You will need to use your Network Account and Password to successfully log in.  If you log onto a thin client regularly then this is the same network account to use,  it is not your email address.

To get the default password for many users who do not normally access the network please click here.  You will need to use your Google account to view this page.  Your Google account is your email account and password.
  • Once you are authenticated, your session is good for six hours before having to re-authenticate.  
  • There is an inactivity timer of 15 minutes.
  • There is a 5 minute disconnected user detection.

It is very important that you disable your browser's popup blocker.
I will be enabling a new network security feature on Wednesday June 29th that will require everyone to authenticate when accessing websites outside of the school realm.  The school realm of websites are a select group of safe and necessary websites determined in-house.  You can see the list below.  Additional sites can be added to the school realm but only if they are for productivity.  The intention of the school realm of websites is to allow those who are on these Internet systems all day - for their convenience to not have to authenticate every hour.  For example the office staff can access Infinite Campus or Skyward where they work all day, so they will not need to authenticate to get to those sites.

Any attempt to access a web site outside of the school realm will require all users to authenticate, this way all web traffic can be logged by user and by device for 30 days.  Once authenticated, the system will know if you are a staff member or student and there will be different levels of web filtering (once I have configured it).

This method is necessary in order to be able to fully manage who is able to access the Internet.  With student owned devices there was no way to fully disallow a student from accessing the Internet when he or she had lost privileges. 

When you are prompted to authenticate you will use your regular Network Account and Password you use to log onto your thin clients.  This will affect all users and students on both campuses. 

All student accounts will be re-created this summer with a new shorter version going from Kindergarten to 12th grade. 

The school realm of websites is a growing list.  Here are the basic sites that are in the list:

School Realm of Websites

School Website -
All of Google Apps (Docs, Gmail, Calendar, etc.)
Infinite Campus
Accelerated Reader
Star Reading
All Wisconsin school websites that are
If you are printing from your iPad using AirPrint you will need to know the username and password.
Airprint User Name and Password
Glidden Campus:
Username: print
Password: print

Park Falls Campus:
Username: airprint
Password: airprint
All Windows-based laptops are frozen in a preconfigured setup using the Deep-freeze software program.  In order to make any permanent changes to your system such as settings changes or to install software you will need to thaw your computer first.  Follow the steps below to thaw the computer:
  • In the system tray (lower right corner) find a small icon of a polar bear.  
  • Hold down the shift key and double click the polar bear icon.
  • A login window appears.  The account name is Admin.
  • The password can be found here.
  • Once you login a control panel appears.
  • In the list of choices select the middle choice to thaw the computer one time.
  • Apply and Reboot the system.

After the computer restarts, check the polar bear icon.  It should now have a red X over the top of it.  This means the computer is thawed.  You may now make permanent changes to the system.  When finished, restart the computer and check the polar bear to make sure there is no red X.  The system is re-frozen.

There is a cool set of Google Apps desktop icons that you can install.  They use a stylized Google Chrome window.   The icons only work on Windows systems.

Google Apps Desktop Shortcuts