If you find that you are unable to do a web search from the URL field or web address bar while using Google Chrome  your issue may be caused by an app or extension you have installed on your Chrome browser.  You may be able to resolve your search failure issues by turning off some third party extensions.

To turn off extensions and test your system do this: With the Chrome browser open, click on the wrench icon in the upper right corner.  In the menu select tools.  On the tools menu select extensions.  Start by disabling all the extensions.  Test another search on the address bar.  If the search works then the issue is one of your extensions.  You may re-enable your extensions one at a time and test search capabilities after each extension you re-enable.  

Updating Java


There has been a security issue discovered with every version of Java prior to .31 that is requiring a newer version of Java on your computer.  Many of you have experienced an issue using Infinite Campus because your browser is blocking Java. 

Since I cannot get to all your computers to do the necessary update, is will become incumbent upon you to do the update yourself.  

Here are the instructions for doing this update for the Windows PC systems.  If you have a Mac you will need to follow the instructions further down.

Installing Java:
PC Instructions:
Please use the Chrome browser for these instructions.
First you will need to thaw your computer.  Click here for instructions for doing this.
Next you will need the Java installer downloaded to your computer.  Click here for the downloader.
Be sure to save the downloader to your desktop so you can find it or if not to your desktop it will be in your downloads folder.  

If the Chromeinstall_6u31.exe download file saved to your desktop - double click the file to launch the installer.

If the install file went into your Downloads folder:
Since every browser is different, locating the downloads folder can be difficult so make sure you used your Chrome browser.  On the Chrome web browser click the wrench icon in the upper right corner.  In the menu, select "Downloads".  Open the Downloads folder.  Locate the Chromeinstall_u31.exe file and double click it to launch the installer.

Once the installer launches it will download the proper Java file for your computer and version of Windows.  Just click through the install process using all the default settings but be sure to uncheck any addon toolbars the system attempts to install along with Java.  e.g. the Ask.com toolbar.

Mac Instructions:
The Mac makes Java a part of its System updates.  So to update Java, click on the Apple menu in the upper left corner and then click on Software Update. . . Let the system run and determine all the software programs that require updating.   
Run the updates.

Final Steps:
After the Java update is finished installing, shutdown your Chrome browser and then relaunch it.  Go to your Infinite Campus grade book and test it.  When finished, restart your computer.  Once your computer restarts verify it is in a frozen state by checking the polar bear and make sure it is blue.