Adding a printer on your Mac is quick and easy once you know how.
Follow these simple directions to add a new printer.

Your account on your Mac is an admin account so whenever you are prompted to authenticate just use your account and password that you use to log onto your Mac every day.

Begin by clicking on the Apple Menu in the upper left corner and choose System Preferences.
On the System Preferences window choose Print & Scan in the Hardware section.

On the Print & Scan window you will need to first remove any unnecessary printers from the list.
If you just want to add a new printer then ignore the part about deleting printers, however you need to see how to authenticate below.

Click the padlock in the lower left corner to authenticate.  Use your Mac account.

Select a printer in the list you wish to remove and click the - minus sign in the lower left corner of the list window.  Repeat this process until all unnecessary printers have been removed.
Once you have finished removing all the printers you no longer require you may now add printers you  may need.

Here is a Google Doc with a printer list for you to select from.  This list is in your Google Docs as a shared file called Easy Printer List.  Go to your Google Docs and select Shared with me in the left hand Google Drive menu and look for the file or click the link above.

To add new printers follow these steps:

First choose the printer you want from the Easy Printer List, note or copy the IP address of the printer from the list.  Also note what printer driver is being recommended.

Click the + Plus sign in the lower left of the printer list window.

On the Add window click on the IP globe icon and fill in the form based on the information from the Easy Printer List.  Note that the Protocol: and Use: fields are pull down menus.  Make sure you change the Protocol to HP jetdirect - Socket.  
Click the Add button when you have filled in the form.  Repeat the process to add additional printers.


#1 In rare cases the HP Jetdirect - Socket option does not work the best and your print jobs may not come out of some printers.  In this case, delete the printer and then re-add the printer this time choose and try the Line Printer Daemon LPD option in the Protocol pull down list.

#2 If one of your printers spewed out garbage print jobs, immediately pull the paper tray out of the printer, cancel your print job and then reset the printer.  Next, delete that printer from your list.  Re-add the printer and make sure you are using the recommended printer driver in the Use: filed.

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